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Increases octane gasoline and saves fuel
Fuel conditioning treatment, which increases the octane rating (flammability index of gasoline) depending on the concentration applied. The effects of this treatment improve combustion and significantly reduce emissions. It is effective for all types of gasoline. Increases the octane rating in leaded and unleaded gasoline. It contains additives based on metal dissolved in aromatic solvents to facilitate the use of the product and the mixture with fuel. The different active components of the CEROIL POWER BOOSTER are able to increase the octane index between 3 and 4 points, depending on the quality of the fuel.
Suitable for:
Highpower vehicles whose highcompression engines do not support a low octane rating.
Racing vehicles, to increase engine power.
All vehicles that have lost their original power
To increase the performance of an engine, the mixture of air with gasoline must be compressed as much as possible in the cylinder to obtain the maximum level of compression. If a gasoline with a low octane index is used, power and performance are lost (excessive heating, chopping, selfignition, lack of acceleration, etc.).
Increases octane rating
Improves cold start.
Improves engine power and response.
Stabilizes idling and eliminates shaking.
Absorbs water and reduces fuel freezing.


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