Cooling Antifreeze 50%

Ref: CO0024_NA

Freezing point between 35ºC to +145ºC, produces a low freezing point that raises the boiling point, prevents corrosion and also the formation of foams.
The 50% cooling antifreeze contains an organic formula with monoethylene glycol diluted with demineralized water and additives that prevent oxidation and depression.


Cooling Antifreeze 50%

In its normal use of the combustion engine generates high temperatures therefore, the function of the coolant antifreeze is to absorb the heat generated to take it out of the vehicle through the radiator avoiding overheating.
The engine coolant is composed of ethylene glycol additivated with 100% organic inhibitors and is also anti-corrosive, anti-oxidant, anti-emulsifier and anticavitant.
Therefore, the compound of a concentrated antifreeze that has been previously diluted in distilled water contains additives that favor its fluidity, which clean and maintain the cooling circuit perfectly. Therefore it is a vital liquid for the engine to last many years.
What it has to do is meet a number of requirements, among others it must have a good heat capacity, it must be sufficiently fluid in its useful range of temperatures, it must take care of and clean the entire cooling circuit, and it must not freeze. The coolant must circulate without resistance, must not freeze at “usual temperatures, nor must it evaporate at temperatures of normal use.
It is commonly used as a coolant, antibustler and antifreeze fluid in the radiator system of all engines. Recommended for cooling engines of light vehicles, nautical, motorcycles, heavy trucks, public works vehicles, tractors and stationary engines.
It is advisable to check the dilution ratio for better performance. Freeze protection depends on the proportion of antifreeze. For optimal performance, a concentration that is not below 30% and not above 65% is recommended. Always dilute with distilled water.

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